Time! Time! Time!

by Massive Voodoo

what is best in life?"

"To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and hear the lamantation of their women ... well, wait, I am not sure - No, it is time. If you have time you can crush your enemies... and so on! If you do not have time you just can't. Time."

"Thanks, Conan. You are right!"


Tuesday and no Tutorial Voting?
Well, this week is going crazy it seems when it comes to time.
MV members are getting ready to head out to a trip to Scale Model Challenge 2016 on Thursday and we are so busy this weeks with tons of mails and do not even find time to meet up in the studio for some painting hours.

We are very much forward to this crazy weekend, meeting old and new friends and miniature and vehicle madness in an unknow scale :)

We made a decision for this week. We will be lazy on the blog as we just do not find the time.

Please make sure to celebrate Massive Voodoo Blog's birthday with us and sent in a photo of your workspace!

See you at the SMC
and read you after the SMC here on the blog again!

Keep on happy painting!

Pure Inspiration

by Massive Voodoo

Happy 7th Birthday Massive Voodoo!! Show your workspace!!

by Massive Voodoo

Good Monday Morning Jungle,

and what a glorious morning it is.
People used to dislike Mondays as it means the start of a new week and much work ahead of all of us.
Whay not make this Monday different and be energetic instead, happy, joyful and excited about a fresh new week that might bring you a smile around the next corner, if you smile yourself.

Allright, so much to the intro of this. The whole MV crew have something to tell you today.

Something important:

MASSIVE VOODOO. Seven years now. 
Time is flying by, but paint still flows regularly and happy painting spirits are high :)
Actually we even forgot the actual day of birth of this blog. Well, let's say we failed in checking back properly. We know its September so we will just celebrate it in this month. 

 to all our readers, supporters, friends and family who come here to the heart of the jungle to find some peace and inspiration.

OUR BIRTHDAY GIFT to Massi... uhm, you!
Massive Voodoo is a place were many of you drop by to calm the sounds of the city, the waves of the day and the sounds of work. Looking closer it is not this blog. It is the painting joy and relaxation you find at your workspace. The small palace of paint that we all share. A tiny dark corner, lid by daylight, with tiny brushes, tiny figures and tiny paints.

Even the world is changing fast Massive Voodoo stays the same and keeps up with traditions. To our first year of MV birthday celebrations we asked for a photo of your workbenches and we recieved tons.

On MV's second birthday we asked for it again and recieved not so many, but still great ones.

The third and fourth birthday celebration of the blog can nowwhere be found in the archives. The deep green jungle swallowed it beneath is canopy.

Fifth year was big as five is half to ten. 
We gave you the MV's BANANALICIOUS 2 - Painting Competition. One of world's biggest miniature painting online competitons with 290 entries.
We also had a special Tutorial Voting action going on. Five years, man!

Last year - for MV's sixth birthday we renovated the MV studio and we had no gifts for you.

Workspace again it is.
We want to see your actual miniature hobby workspace, corner, table, garage or island. If you want you can clean it up or show it to us vibrantly just like it looks right now. For inspiration you can have a look on Roman's article about his workspace history.
This is for you to win:

One winner will have a chat with Raffa,
one person with Peter and one will have a chat with Roman for about 1 hour each.

The final date will be matched with the winners wish, individually with the one monkey you are skyping with. We can talk about Miniatures, your projects, about MV if you like, about the future of the hobby, about your ideas and visions, maybe bikinis or the beauty of it all - in fact whatever you like to talk with us about and we already guess that one hour is quite short.

You can participate if ...
- you are able to talk english or german (no need for perfect english as ours is bad also)
- have an acutal version of Skype installed and now how to handle
- you are a follower of MV, here at the blog or via facebook or whatever.

How can I win this?

We are again after a photo of your workbenches.
Show us your temple of colours, your place where you enjoy the hobby. Don't clean it up or prepare it for a photoshoot - just take it from the moment. Or clean it up and make a superstylish-hipster-black-and-white-photo. The three workspaces which will hit Roman's heart the most will win the Skyping. Roman is doing the judging and organisational matters of this and we keep it easy for the judging on our side. Roman's heart it is.

Write an email subjected with 3nd Birthday MV - workspace *your name* to jarhead(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com, deadline is Octobre the 15th 2016.

Your entry will be confirmed with an email by Roman. Not in seconds after sending it, but everytime Roman is doing mails.
For sure you can write whatever you like to your mail or here in the comments, like birthday wishes, some personal thoughts or more BUT please don't forget to add a photo of your workspace, only one photo please. All entries that miss one of these points will be disqualified. Here are four examples on how your entry can look like:

Let's go. 

Happy Birthday MV!
To many more years of happy painting glory!



by Massive Voodoo

Weekly Weathering Inspiration, part 3

by Massive Voodoo

And part 3 arrives.
See part 1 here.
See part 2 here.

The reason for this pure inspiration was Peter's and Roman's trip to Arvika, Sweden this year and a crazy guy named Markus, who helped organising this MV's Jar's Beginners class so up north.

He picked up both MV monkeys in Oslo and instead of driving home to Arvika he had a surprise for us and took us to a hidden place somewhere in Sweden's deep forests - a car graveyard with over 800 rusting cars, aged by weathering and nature's power - a beautiful place to take photos and draw inspiration:

Musica :)

If you want to see more inspirational photos and you learn to observe and study real life things for your miniature painting inspiration, you can find more photos like this on Roman's photo instagram account: have a look and stay inspired!


Tutorial: Rusted Paint - Model Mates

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle Painters,

this week's tutorial voting results look like this - winner is:

If you want to keep track with an overview on what has happened so far in MV's year of the painter 2
please check this link!

Today we want to talk about rust a little bit, yes rust.
This time the rust will eat away a painted armor part.
We already had a couple of other tutorials available about this topic:
Theory Thursday #5: Rust
Weathering Video
How to create real rust pigments
Mu 45 - Tutorial - Model Mates - Rust Effect

Raffa will now take care of the article. We hope you enjoy!

You want to support us?
If you like to support or say thanks the monkeys of Massive Voodoo in what they do, please feel invited to drop a jungle donation in their direction via paypal or check their miniatures they got on sale here or here.

In this article you will see the armor part of the bust "Firestarter" that I sculpted and painted. The bust is released at Fernando Ruiz Miniatures if you are interested in getting one!

 This is how the effect looks on the final miniature

Now let's start!

The first step was to prime and basecoat the parts using 'Heavy Metal' by Scale Color.

 Now the parts were randomly dabbed with Medium Rust by Model Mates.
In the beginning it often looks a bit strange, but when it is dry, it looks very nice and rusty.

 Here is the other side.

Both parts got a light drybrush of 'Heavy Metal'

 It makes the plates look like the edges still get some use and get randomly beaten up.

 I tried to apply 'Chipping Medium' from AK Interactive using my trusty Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush...

It created a very strange effect... Almost looks like the medium destroyed and crackled some of the rust color.

Really a bit strange :D

But for now I tried to ignore it and continued airbrushing the next layer, a very neutral olive grey.
It was an olive tone by AK Interactive airbrush colors.

After the color was dry I started to remove some of the paint using a bristle brush and warm water.
By using the chipping medium you can easily remove top layers of paint with some rubbing and warm water.

The rust color turned a bit yellow. It seems that chipping medium and water are not best friends with the rust paint.

The Model Mates rust was applied another time taking care not to hit the areas where the olive paint was sitting.

The edges of the chipped olive paint were hightlighted with a mix of white and olive.
This created a very three dimensional effect.

In the end a little freehand was painted with off-white and I airbrushed a shadow on the sides of the parts using 'Strong Tone' by Army Painter. To give it a slightly metallic look I used a graphite pencil to softly stroke some of the edges. The slight shine gives it a nice touch.

At this point I called the parts done. It's a really fast and nice technique to create this effect.
Try it yourself!

I really hope you enjoyed this Step by Step! Let me know in the comments!

Nova Open Seminars: Speedpainting Masterclass

by Massive Voodoo

Hey Jungle,

we would like to introduce some of our seminars we did held at this years NOVA OPEN 2016 some days ago. Why we do this? Well, we had a wonderful number of students in our seminars, but we still had one or two seats left open :)

We'd like to start with one by Roman called
"Speedpainting Masterclass".

The topic of this two four hour class is rather obvious. It was held twice.

First of all you got to know something. 
As you know Roman is teaching a lot. So far he never titled any of his classes "Masterclass". Why? I think he not even can explain this.

This class concept is something that Roman evolved during the work on the start on MV's Zombie Community project. He thaught himself to paint up a decent looking Zombie in about 15 minutes. He decided to give teaching this a try at this years NOVA Open 2016.

So, Roman was excited and nervous if this will even work. If the class concept would fail it would be mean four hours of boredom for his students, but Roman decided to put a little pressure on himself by adding "Masterclass". Hah! There is the explanation :)

To all who participated: Thank you! We hope you enjoyed the seminar.

Roman did start the class with theory and some painting demonstrations. Everything served on small dishes to have dinner later. As this was a hands on class people were up to paint Zombies on their own and give this speedpainting masterclass technique a go. It turned out that everyone was having a lot of fun and painted Zombie after Zombie.

Many thanks to
for their great support on Zombie models!

Thanks Jared, Alex and Jeff 
for the wonderful collaberation and your help! 


Roman was able to breathe clearly when his students went for their first Zombie...
... and returned after about 15-20 Minutes with a masterful speedpainted Zombie. 

The joy in their eyes and the speed they went for choosing their next Zombie was just a wonderful sight for Roman as a teacher, who was not sure if the class concept will work.

Bloodsplatters. Man we used so much "Blood for the Bloodgod".
Results from class one. 
After a while we even started to paint heroes and did put 1-2 minutes in their looks.

Results from class two. Zombie Speedpainting par excellence.

Once in a while a Zombie recieved special attention, for example this one with his orange NOVA Open shirt. Half a minute more and you got something like this.

A wonderful idea of group one came up.
Why not put some Zombies of this class together, build a base and enter them as a Diorama in the Capital Palette. Out of the class, into the contest. Of course Roman did not find time to take a photo in the Capital Palette's cabinets, but Kayley did and handed this over to Roman. Thanks!

Ok, they did not place in the contest, but MAN! what a beautiful sight for a teacher.
Thank you students of this class to make me go so proud of you! We actually did not know how to handle them in the contest as there was no rule of multiple painters on a piece. Not yet. We will think on such a category next year.

Thank you all for being part of the NOVA Open and see you next year for sure. What about a Space Marine Speedpainting Masterclass, eh?

Keep on happy painting!