MV Classes with Roman in 2017

by Massive Voodoo

Hey jungle,

today we want to give you a new information about the upcoming classes with Roman in 2017. Additionally, we will tell you which already announced classes still have some open seats.
We also did a big update on the MV's Workshop and Seminar Roadmap 2017: Click!


Location: Hamburg
Class: Beginner
Date: 17th until 19th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)

Location: Hamburg
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 24th until 26th March
Available seats: 5

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Blumberg-Achdorf
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere)
Date: 28th until 30th April
Available seats: 3

More information: HERE (German)


Location: Schöppenstedt
Class: Advanced (Atmosphere) or Beginner (still in decision)
Date: 26th until 28th May
Available seats: 16

More information: announcement will follow soon!


Location: Copenhagen
Class: Beginner
Date: 9th until 11th June
Available seats: 1

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Forchheim
Class: Speedpainting
Date: 15th July
Available seats: 17

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Arvika
Class: Basing
Date: 11th until 13th August
Available seats: 16

More information: HERE (Mail)


Location: Washington D.C.
Class: Various
Nova Open Seminars:

As you see there are plenty of interesting classes and seminars this year.
If you are interested in joining one of these classes, please write an email to Peter (baphomet[at]massivevoodoo[dot]com).

He will also help you if you would like to hold a class with Roman in your hometown.
Check this FAQ to get all important information!

Important note for the Advanced Classes (Atmosphere):  
Roman has decided which miniature will be painted during the seminar weekends of Blumberg-Achdorf and Hamburg, supported by Hasslefree we will go full barbarian:

Picture courtesy of Hasslefree-Miniatures:
This brute is perfect for the challenges you will face during the class when Roman teaches you the principles about atmosphere. But from great challenge comes greater achievement. As proof, some impressions of the results from the very first Advanced Class in Augsburg:

"The MV "Advanced Painting Class by Jar did its name justice: I feel that my skills to use colors as a means to create atmosphere have skyrocketed. Jar's carefully crafted exercises made me observe colors in nature and instrumentalize them in order to tell a story. Before the class I only applied color to surfaces, but now I am starting to learn how to bring the figures alive. The intimate class size allows for plenty of questions, and painting with fellow modelers manifolds the learning effects." 
- Diana

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

Your MV-Team


by Roman aka jar


wtf is RTGIFI #001?
Easy maths: Roman's thank god its friday inspiration!
Stay tuned and enjoy.

My Name is Ben Young - Official trailer from DAVID-CHILD on Vimeo.

Keep on happy painting!
- Roman

Review: MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Herne, Germany

by Massive Voodoo

Good Morning Jungle,

today Roman finally finalised the review of his recent MV's Jar's Beginners Class in Herne, Germany that he held in the middle of December 2016. He actually planned to do this earlier, but Christmas and New Years celebration and some days of vacation took its tool and slowly Roman is crawling out of his winter cave.

Important information first:
Roman did forget to collecto your mail adresses and asked in the forum and here on the blog that you sent him a mail for the handout. If you not yet recieved your handout of the weekend workshop please write to baphomet(at)massivevoodoo(dot)com to recieve your handout. Sorry for this inconvinance.

First of all
many thanks to Sebastian and Peter who were the driving force to make this seminar come to life. Thanks to Sebastian and Anna for their great hospitality and the nice days we spent together and of course not to forget Ben, their real cool dog.

Many thanks to the Spielezentrum in Herne to provide room, shelter and coffee for the class.

Many thanks for the additional photos to this review to everyone who provided some. Roman was not able to take many. Muchas Gracias for your help!

Thanks to all the people who came to this class. Thank you for your support and trust in Roman's teaching abilities. Now to happy painting! Additional special thanks to the repeaters of this class.

Santa Claus in front of the Spielezentrum.

Getting set up.

 Plinths for basing ideas. 
Thanks to

Thanks to the supporters of this class who made the class wonderful due their help in sponsoring some of their products, beside Roman's crazy material collection:

 After theory of basing there was the explanation time ...

 ... before everyone went crazy and enjoyed 
creating his base/vision without fear.

Wind. A new dimension in your project ...

The claw.

Magic crystals ...

 After our basing work the long night of theory arrived ...

Saturday morning arrived quick and some of Roman's students did dream of colors, contrast and zenital light.

Roman brought some models for inspiration and explanations ...

What to do with Milliput that is left over. What to do? Poo.

Sharki under close inspection.

Also some books for inspiration.

Saturday morning was packed with preparation for priming 
and color wheels, many color wheels.

"Wie schon im Seminar zu erkennen war, zeigt das, daß Du die ganze Sache wirklich sehr sehr gut machst und nicht den Profit im Vordergrund hast, sondern die Sache." - Christian

"Meine Erwartungen wurden vollkommen erfüllt. Ich wollte lernen besser zu malen. Sowohl technisch mit dem Pinsel, als auch konzeptionell, was die Planung einer Figur angeht. Mir ist klar, dass es sich um einen Einsteigerkurs handelt und komplexe Farbthemen nicht erleutert werden können. Dafür werde ich dann wohl beobachten und vielleicht doch mal ein Kunstbuch (iiih) lesen müssen.

Ich hatte in jedem Fall viel Spaß und fühle mich jetzt wissender! Vielen Dank dafür!" - Felix

Color wheels in progress.

Priming thoughts.

Everything black now.

Lunch break.

Finally starting to paint!

Color. Important ones.

There are no stupid questions, only stupid answers.

Let's discuss your project plans.

The beauty of bases.

Explanation sheets.

"Ich fand den Kurs richtig gut, besonders die Bezüge zur Kunst und die Theorie haben meine Sicht auf Miniaturen grundlegend verändert. Ich war auch sehr erstaunt was man in der kurzen Zeit schaffen und die gelernte Theorie direkt umsetzen kann. Ich war durchweg von
den Resultaten aller begeistert, weil keinem Modell dem anderen gleicht.

Für mich war es definitiv nicht der letze Kurs, nicht nur wegen dem super Lehrer sondern auch wegen der Atomsphäre einer so tollen Gruppe." - Sebastian

Some of the results. 
Sadly not all of them as some had to leave on time ...

A class repeaters result who focused on painting skintones.

This was a really cool weekend with a lot to teach, cool people, nice chats, plenty of demo-nettes and really nice results.

Thank you all again!

Keep on happy painting!

We left like superninjas, like we have never been there. 
Kind of. At least we tried. Thanks to everyone who helped cleaning up!

Queen of the North

by Massive Voodoo

Hello Jungle, 

as you can see MV starts really slow into 2017.
It seems like all the snow and ice covers the wild flora of the jungle and ... well, in fact it is just that we are all very busy right now and slowly getting our things done after the Christmas and New Years vacations. Slowly. And its cold.

Roman is finalising the Workshop review of his recent Beginner's Class in Herne, Germany at the moment and you will see it ready in this week, but tomorrow he is diving into a private coaching already. So well, we keep things slow in here for the early 2017. Mainly because its cold and cold is the perfect matching describtion for the following bust.

You might have read the Unpacking of Nutsplanet's Queen of the North.
This model is also about a cold atmosphere and Roman finished painting her in the end of 2016.

Queen of the North
Nutsplanet 1/10

Roman aimed to paint her looking cold and sad as her story being told in the GoT books and series is a sad one. She even has small tears running down her cheeks. Really sad.

If you want to see more photos of her, please feel invited to follow the link to Putty&Paint. 
This bust is in private collection. Many thanks for your support in Roman's passion, art and work.

Keep on happy painting!